Welcome to Create2320’s Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for 2019.

This has been handcrafted and put together using the collective knowledge and experience of the team. It’s aimed at anyone wanting to increase their knowledge or to hone their skills in 2019.

Follow us through the Guide to Digital Marketing and avoid the pitfalls and false starts what we’ve all been through.

What Is Digital Marketing?

The act of promoting or selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics

Basically, Digital Marketing is regular old Marketing. It’s the method your business uses to connect with prospects and customers. Social media, news sites, and other blogs and search engines are where they are. Why aren’t you?

New-age or traditional marketers will agree, the number one rule is making the right offer at the right time in the right place. With the power of Digital Marketing, it has never been so accessible.

There are a lot of tactics, skills, platforms and even words that you’ll have to learn to fully understand and become aware of. Just like everything worth learning, at the completion of the Guide to Digital Marketing, you’ll see there’s nothing quite like it.

There is no better way to prospect to, connect with and build trust with your customers than Digital Marketing.

How Does It Work?

Expanding on the number one rule of marketing (making the right offer at the right time in the right place), the internet is now King. Either becoming known or solidifying your presence online with customers and potential customers is key.

Being available to your target audience where they are increases the likelihood that your ideal client will see you, trust you and do business with you.

Gone are the days when people knew people. It’s at some level sad, however, smart business owners use this to their advantage. If you appear stronger than your competition online, you will get more calls. Fact.

Say you’re run a plumbing service. When a customer has a burst water pipe in their kitchen, they will instantly go to Google and search “emergency plumbers” or similar. You need to appear.

In some way, almost all purchasing decisions have an online component. A strong, trustworthy brand presence is key to converting lookers to customers. 

If people don’t know about it, or how good it is, how and why would they buy it?

How Do You Do It? 

Depending on what you’re selling, what industry you’re in, the how changes. There are a few fundamental pieces that work regardless.

  • Content creation with a specific purpose
    • Awareness – to make them aware of an issue they may be facing
    • Informative – to provide them information on how they may be able to resolve the issue
    • Converting – providing them with information, options and the ability to use you, your services or products to solve their issue
  • Develop a human side to your brand. Engaging and treating your fans and followers like friends and valued members increase their ability to trust you
  • Be where they are. Through SEO optimization you need to appear when and where they’re searching
  • Using AdWords and PPC strategies ads to the when and where

This is a big, involved process – we don’t want to lie to you here. However, it can be done, and it can be the key to your success in 2019.

Nothing is Forever

There is no other industry that changes at the rate and savageness as digital marketing. A tool or tactic that worked like magic one week will be completely dead the next.

Digital Marketing has come of age and has been around long enough for core fundamentals to be identified and proven time and again.

Create2320 is a passionate devotee of the pillars of Digital Marketing. The core components we’ll cover in detail over the next few weeks will serve you well today, tomorrow and well into the future.

What You’re in For

Because the prospect of digital marketing is so large, we’ve broken this guide into smaller, individual pieces. We’ll release them to you sparingly so that you’ve got the chance to understand, implement and master.

In each segment, we’ll present in a common format. Each will target specific pillars.

  • The Methods – the how, the thinking behind it and how to apply it to your strategy to execute! This will be the meat of the segment because how you apply it is pivotal.
  • The Metrics – it’s a numbers game. Every exercise in marketing has to be backed up with numbers. We’ll go through what’s important and what’s not
  • The Vocab – using the right terminology is key to communicating effectively. The Digital Marketing world comes with its own language, it’s important for you to learn it
  • Who’s who in the Zoo – nailing online domination takes a village. It cannot be done by one person alone. To get it done, we’ll go through who’s important in each step

While there is a logical progression in The Guide to Digital Marketing, you’re totally free to jump ahead and look at just what you want.