Should I Make Video Content for my Business?

October 17, 2019
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October 17, 2019 Jennifer Tisdale

This one is a really good point – however, it’s going to be a little difficult to explain video content for business promotion, as we don’t but probably should!

With Content Marketing it’s all about separating you from the pack. Use your knowledge and experience to educate your potential customer. You might be able to empower them to do something for themselves. This will, in turn, endear you to them as an ‘equal’ or a ‘partner’ in their business development.

Why would I make Video Content?

Bluntly, because it’s the easiest way to establish authority and convey personality and likeability. People like to watch to learn. You’ve got a lot of information, experience and know-how in your field. Share some.

It’s easily consumable. Blogs are great. Infographics are a nice way to explain a complex topic. Lists are wonderful. Videos are the thing that gets shared. Videos are what people can put on and grab at least one or two bites of information from. For that part – you’ve helped and your video content has done its job.

What do I make Videos of?

Literally anything and everything. From a blog that highlights day-to-day life in your business, through to very specific topic videos.

The easiest thing to do is to look at your industry – look at what the big players are doing, reference them and do it better.

Let’s take those ASMR satisfying Chiropractic videos from Dr. Beau Hightower! Now you’re the best Chiropractor you know (hopefully), you’ve been crackin’ them bones for years. You know a thing or two. You might not be able to get UFC fighters, Ninja Warriors and NFL players to work on; but you’re you.

Put your own flair on it. Sing songs while you’re adjusting. Breakdance into a Y Strap adjustment. Make it yours.

Make it Entertaining!

It may be a troubling comment on society as a whole, but just like the Kardashians have taught us, you don’t have to have any talent, at all, to become famous.

Should I Make Video Content for my Business?

Videos that are educational and informative are great. However, they don’t go viral. Entertaining videos that are different from the norm do. Look at Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s a freaking astrophysicist who’s been in Superman and Zoolander! Find what makes you or your business unique and play to that strength!

Do I need big, expensive equipment?

If you’ve got a flagship smartphone from the past 2-3 years; you’ve got everything you need.

The camera quality in smartphones in recent times is amazing. We’re talking 4K at 24fps! For non-camera nerds, to get a specialised camera to handle that, you’re looking at about $2,500+. You’re carrying something just as good in your pocket and posting selfies with it!

Grab yourself a good Smart Phone Tripod for almost nothing, maybe an external Shot Gun Mic and a Ring Light if you want to go all out! You’ve now got everything you need to make micro-video content that can rival the big guys!

I need help!

That’s fine, this is a big step. Create2320 is basically a team of videographers and photographers posing as normal humans. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help!


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