Welcoming a new member to the family is always a fun, exciting time. Whether it be Aunt Sharon’s 3rd boyfriend for the year at a family event. A baby or a significant other. Doctor Dry takes a seat at the Create2320 table.

It is Create2320’s absolute pleasure to welcome Doctor Dry to the family! The good Doctor is set to really shake up the industry! Working with us in a full Digital Marketing Strategy capacity, you’re surely going to be seeing more of this product and company soon!

Their product, in a nutshell, is an amazingly effective water absorption compound combined with anti-bacterial properties. This stuff is truly amazing. Just the smallest amount sucks up enormous amounts of liquid and turns it into gel – forever!

Born from a top-secret recipe, by vm3purefier, just 30 grams of this stuff can absorb 150mL of liquid! With the added features of the anti-bacterial properties, it can literally suck the moisture from the air and sterilise it! No more ‘wet’ or ‘damp’ smells!

We’re super excited to welcome them to the Create2320 family and we have a feeling that there’s going to be big things coming from this Doctor!